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We developed Spring & Wonder out of New York and Seattle, split between two coasts, with wildly different backgrounds and expertise. Our shared passion for jewelry, design, and the capabilities of 3D printing, inspired us to bring together artistry and technology to develop a new destination for customizable jewelry.

Spring & Wonder was designed with you in mind. We thought long and hard over which go-to pieces could be worn at every part of your day (in the shower and to sleep and on a date and to the beach). But also which core designs are best suited for you to make them your own.These pieces enable you to decide shape, size, message, material, and any combination in between, unlike ever before in customized jewelry.

How? 3D printing enables jewelry creation for an infinite number of unique pieces, now with the best materials and at accessible prices. We 3D print all of our jewelry through Shapeways. But beyond the molten melding, Shapeways has developed unprecedented tools that allow easy-to-use 3D modeling experiences to be seamlessly incorporated into users’ online shopping platforms. The vision is to enable anyone to access these tools by simply coding in javascript and connecting to Shapeways’ software and systems, users can enable the interactive customization and click-to-print experience on their ecommerce sites such as Shopify. This technology empowers you to step into the jewelry design process in simple and fun ways. Spring & Wonder is a new company founded with these tools -- and the promise of making the magic of limitless customization with 3D printing accessible to anyone. But really, just making cool jewelry we love and hope you do, too.

We hope this helps everyone tap into your creative potential, enabling you to design high-quality, timeless accessories with the very best materials. Each unique design is made-to-order by you, just for you.


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