Conversations with Emma Topp

In the first edition of "Conversations with" we sit down with fashion YouTuber Emma Topp. She shares her experience juggling school, sports, and work all while becoming a YouTube star.


So we’re seriously impressed because you’re 18 and are juggling a ton as a recent high school graduate-- all while killing the Youtube game. When we were your age we were… not. How’d you manage this?

Let me tell you it is definitely not easy!! Especially during the school year I definitely lost a lot of sleep, but the payoff was totally worth it. I mean, in the fall of my senior year I was applying to colleges, playing varsity volleyball, working a part time job on the weekends, creating videos and trying to just do normal school work. It was probably the busiest year of my life! But thankfully, the back half left so much more creative space for producing videos. It was very refreshing and totally needed- senioritis was REAL. I tried to manage my time by listing everything I needed to do and taking out the most urgent tasks first- I probably make three lists a day just trying to organize my day or upcoming week. College is going to be just as hard if not harder, and I’m already trying to prepare for it!

 We particularly love that you do a lot of videos on thrifting, showing that refreshing your wardrobe can be done on a budget. What are your top thrifting tips?

100% the men’s section. Every time I go thrifting it’s the first place I want to check, and definitely the stuff I get the most excited about! Menswear tends to include the sportier style brands and the quality denim that’s super popular right now. Always try something on, even if there’s a spark of interest, because you never know how you’ll feel when it’s on. It’s really important to visualize the outfit and what it COULD be when thrifting. Not so much focusing on the style of the garment you pick up, but looking at the print or one section of it that could be amazing. Whenever I try something on, I try to imagine 3 different way’s I’d wear it- and if I can’t or it’s not making me jump up and down inside, it’s going back!

Accessories are definitely key to bringing outfits together, what made you gravitate towards the Spring & Wonder signature necklace?

I’ve always loved the idea of small dainty necklaces- I used to go through a simple gold necklace from forever 21 about once a month before it either turned brown or broke. Having such a quality and personalized piece is literally amazing because I wear it every day and it adds an extra piece of me to my outfit!! It’s also timeless- you’ll see crystal jewelry and chokers come and go, but a necklace namesake is always in style.

We’re super into the trend of grown-up BFF jewelry, if you were to get a necklace with your BFF, what would they say?

Definitely “Girl Power”. Even seeing them separately as Girl and Power, they both make a statement about the person wearing them. I’d also totally love to have some sort of inside joke necklace, something that would make them secret but special!  

If you would like to make your own BFF jewelry, check out the our signature collection to create your own. 

For more with Emma check her instagram, youtube, & twitter

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